Available on:

  • EOS Mainnet
  • Worbli
  • CryptoKylin Testnet
  • Jungle 2.0 Testnet
  • Your own network

Ethereum (Alpha)

Available on:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Ropsten

Slick blockchain APIs to build
world-class applications    

With dfuse’s lightning-fast streaming searches, you can concentrate on what you do best -- building stellar products that exceed your users’ expectations.

dfuse has saved us many hours of developer time while allowing us to build a more flexible and scalable dapp

Kedar lyer
Director of Software Development, Everipedia

dfuse is a required tool for any EOS product that wants to get to scale, thank you!

Nick Pai
Lead Blockchain Engineer, Carbon

KARMA is officially using dfuse exclusively for its backend. The feedback is that its SUPER AWESOME.

Nathan Rempel

Thanks for the amazing support and great work. We are using dfuse to boost our platform performance.

Jorge Alcario
Software Engineer, pixEOS

Thanks for building an amazing tool 🙏 We would have not been able to launch eosnameservice today without it.

Robert Finch
CEO Cypherglass

Start your project right here, right now!

Get blockchain data in just a few lines of code

A Developer-First Solution

dfuse offers state of the art APIs to build next-generation blockchain apps

dfuse Search

Search the entire transaction history of the blockchain using a simple but powerful query language, with sub-second response times..

dfuse Lifecycle

Track the lifecycle of a transaction as it changes state: pending, included in a block, forked, expired, etc.

dfuse Workers

Easily create Webhooks that listen to the blockchain. 

Build with Total Peace of Mind

Choose to develop your blockchain project with the comfort of the most performant and reliable infrastructure

Web Native

  • Easy-to-use GraphQL, WebSocket & REST API
  • gRPC-GraphQL bridge for dozens of languages
  • Libraries for quick integration


  • Multiple Data Centre Redundancy
  • High-Availability for all components

Robust Backends

  • Web-scale data backends
  • Ultra-low latency, from blockchain to UI
  • Uncompromised security

Reliable and Monitored APIs

24/7 Support

  • Private Chat, Email, Phone
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Dedicated solutions experts for Enterprise customers

Competitive Pricing

  • Metered pricing
  • Pay for what you use
  • We grow together, as you become successful
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