Available on:

  • EOS Mainnet
  • Worbli
  • CryptoKylin Testnet
  • Jungle 2.0 Testnet
  • Your own network
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Alpha Program

Join the most exclusive dapp developers community

With the Alpha Program, dfuse is committed to supporting the dapp developers community to build better and faster applications on blockchain for a decentralized world.

Access to dfuse's team of blockchain experts

The Alpha Program opens a channel to subject matter experts at dfuse for the development of dapps with 1 on 1 support.

Invitation to test preview versions of new features 

Early access to test and guide the next generation blockchain API with an opportunity to provide strategic feedback to ensure that you are being empowered with the tooling that you need the most.

Exclusive benefits

To thank the most active Alpha members, they will receive premium access to our products and solutions.

If you are a dapp developer and would like to enroll in the dfuse Alpha Program for Developers, please complete this short form. In order to access the Alpha Program, you must have an active dfuse account.

We look forward to working together to build the Web 3.0 for tomorrow’s users.