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EOS Nation

Breaking Change: Hosted EOS Mainnet History

Aug 21, 2020 11:13:11 AM / by dfuse

We are announcing today some important changes to our hosted EOS Mainnet dfuse Search, following our previous announcement regarding the dfuse Community Edition. Effective September 1st 2020, dfuse Search will be replaced by a strictly free and temporary service available until the dfuse Community Edition hosted by EOS Nation is up and running (date to be determined). This temporary offering will include:

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dfuse to Launch Official dfuse Community Edition with EOS Nation

Jun 11, 2020 8:59:50 AM / by dfuse

dfuse Partners With EOS Nation to Launch a Free dfuse Community Edition and Announces New Dedicated Hosted Options

dfuse is excited to announce a technical partnership with EOS Nation, the leading EOSIO Block Producer. Following the recent announcement of the open-sourcing of the dfuse blockchain data stack, dfuse is today announcing that it will collaborate with EOS Nation to launch and host the official dfuse Community Edition for the EOS Mainnet.

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