Streaming API

New Code Releases & New API Features

Nov 9, 2018 4:55:00 PM / by Josh Kauffman

We have released some new changes - some breaking changes (all clearly documented - mainly renames), new libraries, and some new features.

New Code Releases

  1. eosws-js new Javascript library, exposing new features
  2. eosws-go new Golang library, exposing new features
  3. dfuse API updated documentation, check the "Release Notes"
  4. eosc improved to support headers to use push guaranteed endpoints.

Quick summary of new API features

  1. New REST endpoint (/v0/state/table) to query the blockchain state at any block number
  2. New instrumented REST proxy for /v1/chain/push_transaction, with stronger guarantees (block inclusion, irreversible attained) before returning
  3. Support for tracking longest chain in get_table_rows (with undo and redo), giving a constantly syncing view of a given table
  4. New message get_transaction_lifecycle that provides a complete view of a transaction's lifecycle, navigating its state changes through deferred creation, cancellation, and updating you as it changes.
NOTE: this is a BETA release. Please join the discussion in the dfuse API Telegram channel if you have any questions or feature requests.
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Launch of the first streaming API for EOS

Oct 12, 2018 4:54:00 PM / by dfuse

Introducing dfuse Streaming API for EOS

One of the biggest features missing from blockchains is a robust and reliable streaming API, which is a major hindrance to the mass adoption of EOS by developers. dfuse, developed by the team behind EOS Canada, is pleased to introduce the beta version of the first streaming API for developers looking to build dapps on EOSIO.

Real-time application area

EOSIO delivered the capability to interact with a blockchain at speeds previously only seen on a conventional database. Applications wishing to operate with real-time speeds need real-time data. By helping to remove the pain points developers experience in interacting with blockchains, such as decreased speed and degraded user experience, we expect with the dfuse Streaming API to see developers focus their efforts on the next generation of dapps. We also expect that the migration towards EOS by these developers will happen much sooner, as more of their previous knowledge and skills are now transferable.

Some of the amazing capabilities offered by the dfuse Streaming API

  • Capture detailed aspects of an action: detailed RAM costs, deferred transactions, internal state changes
  • Quickly process the chain to gather information and state from a specified blockheight
  • The ability to be notified of changes to a smart contract’s table with deltas
During the beta period - where the API could live some instabilities, we are continuously updating the API to build the strongest platform for your project on EOS.

Join us to build the Web 3.0

We look forward to working alongside and supporting the many talented developers who will pave the way to build the Web 3.0. Create an account in our portal to generate your free API key and get started in just minutes.
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