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Charged Particles

Charged Particles are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are minted with DAI and accrue interest via CHAI giving the Token a "Charge".

1st Prize Winner - 1,000 USDT for the User Experience Bounty

Feb 24, 2020 11:59:09 AM

Why we chose this project: This project uses dfuse APIs to provide a clear and fluid user experience. dfuse Lifecycle is used to watch a newly submitted transaction. dfuse Search provides a fast query on the smart contract for log events generated by specific method calls invoked by the querying address. The project showcases the minimal code needed with dfuse to enable slick dapp UX with fast and precise searches on smart contracts.

The winner, Rob Secord, had this to say about his experience working with dfuse:

"Integrating with dfuse's API and codebase is a charm. Everything worked out-of-the-box while allowing for complete customization. I was able to be very specific about the data I wanted to pull in, but it was also fun just experimenting because I had access to so much data with such little code!

The accuracy and seamlessness of transaction state transitions is a blessing to work with - you can focus on your code and instead of dealing with 3rd-party oddities and/or workarounds. I didn't feel forced into any structure of coding, which allowed me to be very experimental in my design approach.

Ultimately, dfuse is an essential developer lego block that takes away a lot of the heavy-lifting in dapp development!"

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