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Ethereum (Alpha)

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Coming soon...

Token Allowance Checker ("TAC")

Token Allowance Checker scans the complete Ethereum transaction history for ERC20-Approvals made by the provided address. It collects all ERC20 token contracts and any spender addresses that have been approved by the user in the past.

2nd Prize Winner - 350 USDT for the dfuse Search Bounty

Feb 24, 2020 12:55:49 PM

Why we chose this project: This project recognized the power of dfuse Search and how it could easily solve the unlimited approval problem of Ethereum. By presenting all token approvals with an option to edit or delete the allowance amount, this project can protect users from malicious dapps spending their tokens without their consent.

The winner, Michael Bauer, had this to say about his experience working with dfuse:

"Working with the dfuse API was a great experience and they have a nice client library that gets you started in no time. I tried getting data from a local node via normal web3 access methods but it was painfully slow for just one year of data. Getting data via dfuse is orders-of-magnitude faster, including the complete blockchain data, and not just one year of data.

I try to avoid dependencies as much as possible, but projects like the Token Allowance Checker would not be possible without a service like dfuse. I will definitely continue extending and improving the TAC."

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