dfuse provides a Web 3.0 Data Stack with robust and reliable APIs to build next-generation applications on the blockchain.

dfuse Stream, dfuse Lifecycle and dfuse Search offer unique features that make it easy for developers to deliver great user experiences.


dfuse Stream

Stream real-time updates reflecting the state of any table on the blockchain -- a first in blockchain history, to build dynamic user interfaces that update in real time.

  • Listen and filter on transactions flowing through the network
  • Provide detailed lifecycle of transactions, through forks and other events, but simplifies its intricacies for devs
  • Stream detailed RAM costs of an action (EOS-specific)
  • Stream deferred transactions produced by each action, as well as their lifecycle (EOS-specific)
  • Streaming changes to the database rows, produced by each action, as well as their lifecycle through forks

dfuse Lifecycle

Submit transactions to the blockchain and receive guaranteed irreversibility in a single call, eliminating the need for developers to write complex code to handle and recover from intricate failure cases.

  • Submit transactions and wait for block inclusion before returning with the traces of the block which included it
  • Submit transactions and wait for block irreversibility before returning, along with the execution traces of the irreversible block.

dfuse Search

Search the entire transaction history of the blockchain using a simple but powerful query language, with sub-second response times.

Examples :

  • account:eosio.token receiver:eosio.token (data.from:eoscanadacom OR 
    all EOS transfers in and out of eoscanadacom
    View on eosq
  • (auth:eoscanadacom OR receiver:eoscanadacom)
    this is equivalent to the history_api
    View on eosq

dfuse Workers (beta)

Easily create Webhooks that listen to the blockchain. Receive a notification within an application, allowing you to keep on eye on your account for specific events.

Examples :

  • Receive a message on Slack when you've been requested to sign a multisig transactions
  • Get a notification if your account is used to authorize any transaction